So here it is. My hundreth post. What has this 100-ish day experiment taught me?

1. You can do something for 100 days and still not be in a habit of it. So often I have put off blogging that I have almost forgotten to do it. I guess I got into the habit of forgetting about it.

2. Writing 100 posts is tough. There were times where I didn’t know what to write about and reminded myself that there are endless things to write about just not endless motivation to write about them.

3. I’ve experienced the life of a writer. I wonder about what to write throighout the day. I try and see myself making a living from it.

4. I don’t have to do things perfectly in order to do them. I didn’t acheive my original goal of writing a blog post everyday for 100 days. But I still wanted to finish. I am still pleased that I have written (technically still writing) 100 posts.

I have given this blog a good try. I still would like to post more, but not everyday! There is a lot of filler within these posts, so I would like to focus more on quality.

I am humbled that there are people who read what I write. I love to read. It is fun to be on the other side, though, to give people something to read.


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