Even though I am shy, I do enjoy getting to know people. Every now and then I am less shy and talk to people without them talking to me first. (If people talk to me first, the ice has broken for me and I open up.)

Today my husband and I went out for Chinese food. I love the hot tea they serve there, which I think is popular among Chinese restaurants. We got some. At the end of the meal, I asked the waiter, a Chinese man, if it was oolong tea. He said it was, and also told us that he came from a region in China that is known for oolong tea. There is a river called the Black Dragon River that he lived near. He said you could smell for miles the tea being dried. And from the road you could see the neat and tidy areas where the tea is grown. I was happy he opened up and that my husband and I got to know this person more.

Everyone has a story. Everyone has things interesting about them.


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