A Day in My Life or What to Read to Make You Sleepy

I know YouTubers post vidoes about a day in their lives, so that gave me the idea to write about a day in mine. This will be pretty boring… You were warned.

Most days I get up at 6 AM. I feed the cats, make coffee, and make breakfast and lunch for my husband before I go to work. Sometimes I make my breakfast, too, other times I wait until after he leaves, which would be after 7.

I go to work at different times. Tuesdays and Wednesdays I go in later, so these are more relaxing days for me. I love to have long, slow mornings. I drink coffee, watch YouTube and catch up on Instagram and Facebook. Sometimes I will cook something, do laundry, run to the grocery store, or study Japanese. When I have a book to read, I will read that too.

After I get home from work, I have a snack. Nowadays I have a cup of coffee. I will exercise and/or take a nap. Some errands will be taken care of, if needed.

I stay on my phone a lot the rest of the night. I also do Japanese study in the evening. Dinner happens whenever. I take a shower/bath before bed. I go to bed usually by 11 PM.

My husband comes home at different times. Sometimes he has errands to do, people to help, etc.

I tend to write a blog post before bed. That seems to be the best time for me.

Yup, pretty boring, but I find that most people’s day-to-day lives are “boring.”


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