Maybe you really have it worse than the people around you. Or you are too self-focused.

Maybe that aggressive driver is angry and depressed, and is taking it out on you. Or is full if hate.

Maybe that speeding driver is listening to an exciting song. Or has to go to the bathroom. Or thinks she is better than you.

Maybe that person who is high on some sort of drug gets that way because her reality is too hard to deal with.

Maybe that judgemental, God-fearing person really wants the best for others, wants people to know the truth, and doesn’t want anyone to go to hell.

Maybe that person getting food with food stamps is ashamed so decides to skip meals and donate some food to a food bank. Or she could be lying to get it.

Maybe your friend who complains all the time can’t find joy in her life.

Maybe that person who doesn’t talk to anyone at church/work/social setting doesn’t even know where to begin to have a conversation. Too much is on her mind. Or people annoy her.

Maybe that person you see as a rich snob has her priorities right and has worked hard and been given a lot. Or has been spoiled rotten.

Assuming the best about people doesn’t actually make people better, but it helps you treat others better. I have never known all there is to about a person, or anything else. And even if people’s true stories are worse I still don’t want to treat anyone badly. That’s why I threw some worse stories in there. As a follower of Christ, I am taught to love my enemies and be kind to them. So that is the “worst” I am to treat anybody.


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