Progressive Exercise

I have been exercising regularly for about 6 years now. I have been exercising less the past year or so because my energy has been down and as for this year, I have had some major muscle spasms. I have noticed that exercise has been harder than usual. I don’t seem to have the energy to push through workouts as I used to. I was afraid I was getting weaker.

I read a tip that said to forget about knee push-ups because they won’t help you do standard push-ups. So I have been doing standard push-ups. I can tell I’ve gotten a little stronger. I can do a few with no problem.

I want to contribute to my mobility as I get older. I like the feeling of a great workout, the kind where I feel energetic afterwards. It is great for your body to move. These are reasons why I exercise.

Something I want to do is progressive exercise. That is what I call doing something like push-ups, pull-ups, squats, planks, etc. and keeping track of how you perform the exercise and how many reps you can do. Then maybe a day or two later see, if you can do more. This way, you can tell you are getting stronger. It is possible to over-exercise. Keeping at least a mental note of how you perform exercises will let you know if you are over-training or eating adequatly. (Every body is different. We all need to evaluate our eating and movement for ourselves.)


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