Money, or Why Adulthood Stinks

I used to be a lot more stressed about money, and can get that way from time to time, but now I know that I can only get so much money to pay everyone at one time. Really, I just need money to pay everyone else. The only thing I want to spend money on is food and travel (and those things go together).

When I was younger, I could dream about what I wanted to be when I grew up. I could play all day, read, stay up late, and not have to think about bills at all. I only thought about what I could buy with the money I had. Now as an adult, I have to work to pay the bills. I have to be careful with how I spend money so that there could be enough to pay the bills. Sometimes, there isn’t enough.

As a teenager, I got a lot of money because of the conditions surrounding my father’s death. That spoiled me. My mom and I never had to think about there being enough money. I wish I was more frugal though. That would have helped out a lot.

I have went to college, but it was Bible college, so I don’t have a skill or trade or anything to go for an entry level job. Now I am thinking it would be a good idea to have gotten a degree like that, but alas, I didn’t.

Welcome to adulthood. What a disappointment. I just wanted to be an adult so I could do whatever I want, but I find myself enslaved. Welcome to society. Welcome to this world.

But let me end this with positivity. Being an adult has its stinky moments, but it also has more wisdom and experience.

And my hope should be in Christ, not for this life only, but for the next one as well.


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