Coffee and Sugar

I’m all for living a healthy lifestyle. That doesn’t mean you have to cut out everything you like if someone doesn’t think it is good for you.

I had recently tried to cut back on caffeine, but I like my life better with it. I don’t drink unhealthy levels of it anyway, I just thought I was overtaxing my adrenal glands. I hope not at least, by drinking coffee. My worried, anxious thoughts on things do more harm to my adrenals, if anything.

I also seem to run better on sugar. I still would like to eat more vegetables, but keeping sugar in my diet makes me feel  energized, which I appreciate.

There is something wrong about all foods and drinks, so it is not like there are perfect foods to eat and drinks to drink. Every body responds differently to the food and drinks given it, and that will even change over time for the person.


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