Life Stinks

Some days just plain suck. If you have ever experienced depression, these days are many. I have had worse days than this, but this day could easily get worse if I let my mind go to certain places. Here are some little things that I do to get through the day:

Japanese stuff: watching Japanese/Japan related YouTube videos, exercises in a book, reading through a Japanese related book, など.

Pinterest: I review past pins

Sewing: Even though it is more time consuming, I would rather hand sew. Sometimes I mend garments, other times I am refashioning clothes. I let my mind wander, not really purposely thinking about anything.

Housekeeping: Cleaning, organizing, or even creating something in the kitchen.

Going outside: We have a garden in our back yard, so I will tend to that. I will wander around in the yard, just enjoying the fresh air.

Everyone will have different “little things” they do. These things that I do all help me keep my mind occupied just enough to not start thinking thoughts of despair. I need to let my mind rest, but obviously I can’t stop thinking! I know with sewing I said that I let my mind wander, but the act of sewing keeps my mind from staying too long on any one subject since my mind comes back to the sewing project I am doing.

There is a time to wrestle with thoughts, but there is also a time for mental rest!


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