A key to contentment is prioritizing. Everything in your life cannot be of equal importance, just for the fact that you can only really do one thing at a time, and you only have so much time every day. Basic goals are arrived at by anwering the question, What do I want to do? This is how you determine your priorities.

This explains why I miss some days of blogging. My original goal was to blog every day for 100 days straight. Right from the start I had a funeral and traveling bump blogging from my itenerary. And even though I have been fairly consistent, I have put off writing a blog so much to where I forgot to do it. It bothers me, because I want to do it everyday for 100 days. But I have also accepted that, given the circumstances in my life, blogging is sometimes given up to give precedence to other things. (I know I can pre-write a bunch a posts, but I want the discipline of writing every day, at least for now.)

Knowing what is important to you will help ease the guilt of not accomplishing everything. It is okay if your priorities are different from others; everyone is on their own journey. Priorities still allow for discipline, but it also allows for giving up if something just can’t fit in your life.

Right now, I still plan on blogging (mostly?) everyday until 100 posts.


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