19 More Until 100

(So, it looks like I have 19 more posts until I reach 100!)

Sometimes I want rest so much, I think getting sick, like a cold or sinus infection, would be okay. (I actually feel a little tickle in my throat.) I feel bad for thinking that; I don’t want to take my health for granted. When I think of someone who deserves some rest, I think of someone who is sick. What I really want is permission to rest.

I want a level head when I think about how much rest I need, though. Honestly, I think I get enough time to rest. Bad habits get in the way of productivity. Recently I have been more diligent to do more productive things, and expect myself to do more productive things. That last part is key. Expectations determine how disappointed we are. Since I expect things to be a little difficult and uncomfortable, I am not wasting time thinking something is wrong.


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