Child vs Adult

Child: The world is a magical place to explore.

Adult: The world is going to hell. Get me out of here!

Child: Has it been 10 minutes yet?

Adult: I can’t believe it is already summer/Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year

Child: I have all this money! What can I buy with it?

Adult: I have all these bills. How am I going to pay them all!

Child: Yay! Summer break!

Adult: I need a vacation!

Child: I can be anything when I grow up!

Adult: I don’t like my job. I should’ve done X instead.

This seems depressing. Being a child was such a magical time; it was like I didn’t live in the real world! But I am glad for the knowledge I have obtained so far about life. There is a lot more drama and not so fun things that come with adulthood, but then there is also a better grasp on how things work, deeper knowledge of what interests us, and the maturity to deal with difficulties. Our endurance can build up as we get older, and little things that tore our world apart when we were little don’t bother us too much.

(Really, being able to learn so much as an adult makes it not so bad!)


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