Learning Japanese, there are many frustrating times when trying to read it. Then when I read English I think, “I can’t believe I am doing this right now.” I know I wasn’t born with the ability to read English, but I must have learned it. I don’t remember how I learned. I have certian memories of before kindergarten and even learning the alphabet, but then the memories jump to being able to read books. I’m guessing that I started little by little, learning letters and words with those letters, and sentences with those words. Then the sentences got full of more words. All the while I was hearing all types of words and sentences being spoken and speaking myself. School work was requiring me to write my own words, sentences, paragraphs.

I have thought that babies are lucky. They can just sit or lay there, be carried around, fed, and have things done for them. But think about it: everything is new to them. They don’t understand what is going on. They look at their hands and don’t know what they are or what they do. There are different smells, different feelings in their bodies, different people, and different objects in their faces. They may not even be able to focus their eyes yet. They may want to move but can’t! It seems incredibly frustrating!

And I am willing to bet that none of us remember being in the womb or the day we were born. Wouldn’t that be something to remember that?

I say all this because there are some big things that happen that we don’t remember. What I think happens is that we grow familiar with all the new things and it becomes a foundation to everything else. I think that is what happened to me with reading. I have read many, many books. I probably wasn’t aware of how wonderful the skill of reading was, and didn’t say to myself, “Wow, I’m learning how to read.” I am priviledged to have been taught so young. I think if I was older, I would remember learning how to read.


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