I’ve been thinking about love a lot, especially loving others unconditionally. Unconditional love is hard. It isn’t based on anything about the person, not even on how a person makes you feel. Yes, there are things about a person to enjoy, but loving that person unconditionally would happen even without those things.

This is the only kind of love that keeps a marriage together. You have determined to stay with this person, to be patient, to bear with the struggles, to put this person’s needs ahead of your own. That’s hard!

This is the kind of love that doesn’t go around being violent to all those that hate you. It keeps your mouth shut when opening it would be a fountain of words that would tear down and not build up.

This is the kind of love that still shows concern for the well being of those that are different from you. It listens, it empathizes. It can still disagree with beliefs and remain.

This is the kind of love that God shows to me. I have learned it from what is said in the Bible, but I stink at it.

I know people disagree with me about my beliefs and I disagree with people about their’s. But it sure as hell won’t stop me from loving.


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