Cooking Tips

I don’t want to come off saying that I am a great cook, but I have been cooking for a while and have found some things that always seem to make things taste great. These things are great to add to meat or vegetables and help when you want to make sure things taste good.


Blackened seasoning, garlic (powder or fresh), curry powder (Jamaican/Indian), and soy sauce are the things I grab to add flavor to my food. I love blackened seasoning on meat and vegetables, grilled cheese and quesadillas. I use it as taco seasoning, too. Garlic powder can be used similarly.

Curries are delicious any time of year. Think about making a stew with potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, beef or chicken, and add in curry powder. Making a slurry with some form of starch and the broth and then adding it back in the stew to make it thick. You can even use it to flavor plain, cooked vegetables.

Soy sauce is great for even non-asian cooking. Saltiness is something that adds emphasis to all the other flavors and contributes to your electrolyte balance. Soy sauce adds a deep salty flavor. This evening, I used it to flavor some vegetables along with blackened seasoning. おいしい~

And one last thing: a favorite trick of mine to do when I have leftovers is to stick it in a burrito and grill it!



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