Plodding Productivity

It’s easy to get motivated and excited about getting things done. You like the idea of checking things off and being proud of yourself for accomplishing so much.

But actually doing something is a different thing entirely.

Some of the best advice out there for productivity is giving yourself 15 to 20 minutes to accomplish a certian task. That period of time is dedicated to your task: doing the dishes, decluttering a room, dusting the house, sorting through email/mail, reading a book, meal planning/prepping, writing, etc. Setting yourself a predetermined amount of time makes starting the task easy enough to do. You know that it will be over eventually, if you dread the task, or put a limit to yourself to be able to manage other tasks. Making these little accomplishments encourages you to accomplish even more; you build up momentum.

Say you want to dedicate 10 minutes a day to learning a language. That doesn’t seem like much. But say that 10 minutes turns into 20 minutes and that 20 minutes turns into two or three sessions per day. Even at 10 minutes a day, that is 5 hours a month, and 60 hours a year. That’s better than not even starting at all.

So, don’t get overwhelmed with trying to get all this stuff done to the point where you don’t even start. I’ve heard that everyone wants to have written a book, but not actually write it. It seems the same with accomplishing things. Start small and build up from there.


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