Another Fish Dinner


My husband went fishing this morning and brought back dinner! My boss at work happened to give me some Red Lobster biscuit mix, so I made those. There is kale, bean sprouts, and tomatoes from the garden!

I enjoy seafood a lot. I never would have thought I would ever say that about myself. I was a pretty picky eater growing up, and fish fell out of favor because of the black flecks you can see in the flesh. I’ve aquired new tastes, though. Seafood is nutritious to the body, so I am always glad to have it, especially if it is fresh from the water.

Speaking of being healthy, I am having some hypoglycemic issues lately. Not only am I tired, but I get so hungry that I am nauseous and experience heart palpitations. I am going to have to eat more often to help with that.


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