Orthodontist? Nope. Orthorexia refers to a state of mind where someone is unhealthily obsessed with eating heathily. Ironic, no? I saw a Youtube video today by Kara Corey that I will link here. She does a great job discussing it.

I haven’t struggled with this exactly. I do enjoy reading up on nutrition and there was a time in the past where I tried to adhere to certian principles. There would be times where I just wanted preparing and eating food to be easier. Now I am not so strict. I still care about my health and eating foods that nourish my body, but I also know that there are no perfect foods. Not in this world.

Food should be enjoyable. We should use it to fuel our bodies so we can do other things. You can be focused on it for pleasure, like if you are a chef, or looking to prepare tasty food for you family and friends, or you personally just enjoy eating tasty food. But it shouldn’t be a harsh taskmaster.


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