Hard Working Man

(Electricity was out again last night! This time it was because there was a severe thunderstorm. The lighting was frequent and all around us. I bet it was amazing to have seen. But I didn’t want to get struck!)

The Hard Working Man I am referring to is my husband. My husband works a physical job for long hours in the elements. Right now being summer, he is constantly sweating. He works hard at home, too, building and fixing things. He helps other people build and fix things. I see how hard he works and I want to work hard as well. Not to keep up with him, but to help him and even empathize with him. I hope that I can eventually earn enough money for him not to work so much. I want to offer him rest.

I know I don’t work as hard as he, but we are both physically and mentally exhausted. I tell him that I feel like I push myself just to get through the day, and he understands what I mean. What would help us both is to take one day at a time. We can only do so much.


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