I Do Voices

When I fill out applications, cover letters, or resume forms, and it asks, “Do you have any special skills?”  I think, “I do voices.” (This is from the movie, Mrs. Doubtfire.)

I get kinda down when filling out these things. I mean, I can’t even do voices. Why do filling out these things make me look like a worthless person? I think I can be a hard worker and benefit to a company and to society. I might just have to be taught some things first. Like some special skills.

I need money because I owe people money. I thank God my husband and I have jobs. I would love to have a job where I can have freedom with my schedule. I wouldn’t mind growing my own food and living without electricity if that is what it would take. I want a life working hard doing things I enjoy and benefitting people.

I am in the mindset right now of being tired of doing the same thing every day. I am easily annoyed and easily overwhelmed.


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