Writer’s Block

I wouldn’t say I have writer’s block, because I am writing, even if it is about writer’s block. 🙂 I’ve thought about what writer’s block could be. It seems that with so much to write about, even if it is silly, writer’s block is an illusion. I have not experienced sitting down to write a post and have absolutely nothing to write about. With me it is more of a lack of feeling motivated; I just don’t feel like putting in the effort. I don’t doubt that writers have went to write and could not think at all. That is probably mental exhaustion. (But still, couldn’t you write about how tired you are?) I know that there are certian projects that people don’t know how to carry on. But having absolutely nothing to write about? Not even the rhyming of the ABC’s? Environmental issues? Your favorite food? Your favorite memory? The same word over and over again? Stream of consciousness?

Not feeling like writing isn’t the consequence of having nothing to write about. It is a consequence of leaning on your feelings too much to determing what you should do. I didn’t have anything I really wanted to write about and didn’t really feel like writing, but I decided to write about the experience! I wanted to do this project of writing 100 days in a row (thought I have missed some) because I wanted to work through the feelings of not wanting to write and having to pick something to write about if nothing had come to mind easily.


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