Writing a traditional Japanese haiku is a bit difficult. A traditional haiku consists of the well known 5-7-5 syllable pattern, but also is only about nature, contains a seasonal word, and has a “cutting word” (which can be punctuation marks in English). Modern haiku are not as strict, especially in English. Here is one I thought of easily:

The heat and the rain,
Escape into a cool place!
The smell of summer.

Enjoying the sun –
Look at the leaves of color!
Now it is winter.

Hear the river flow.
Eat a picnic on the bank.
Yum! Food’s delicious!

Since I am learning Japanese, I would like to study some traditional haiku and try to write one in Japanese!

(I’ve been referring to a writing exercise book I have from the Kindle store. It is 101 Creative Writing Exercises by Melissa Donovan.)


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