I think the culture I live in is a crybaby culture. People are quick to complain and seek entitlemment. If you disagree with someone you automatically hate them. Your advice and opinion is never asked for and if you give it and someone disagrees, your words are hated towards them. This then begets more hatred and so on. (Where is humility?)

I rarely watch the news, but because of social media I still learn about what news sources say. I choose not to watch the news or read up on it because I don’t take what is reported as the truth. My husband asked the other day, What kind of people does the media want us to be? That is a great question because it brings to mind the busine$$ of the media. They are selling something.

We should look around our selves and our community. We should look into the eyes of the people we encounter each day. We should be kind. Yes, there is a place for the media. I personally don’t take it all to be truthful.


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