Ideal vs. Reality

I first seriously thought about ideal vs. reality when I was interning at a church in their preschool ministry. As part of the internship I was to help teach Sunday school. We were given lesson plans and different activities to help teach the children the message. Being that they were very young, we were to stick with concrete images.

Small children are very unpredictable. I would be teaching the lesson while doing the activity and they would start talking or doing something else. A lot of time could be spent coralling children to the proper area or quieting them. I realized I would just have to do the best I can and forget about completing a class that went picture perfect.

We can’t attain perfection. So with everything we try or begin: schooling, a diet and workout routine, learning a language, etc., we have to keep in mind that we will have to adjust as we go. We start with Plan A but will end up going through Plans B – Z. Rules and laws are all to be perfectly followed in ideal conditions. And there will be tons of gray areas that appear where a concrete answer won’t do. (I’m not advocating breaking laws whenever you feel like it just because you can’t perfectly all the time keep them!)

Reality is a striving for perfection. We try and do the best we can given our circumstances. A lot of my anxiety comes from not being able to hit the ideal standards for every area of life. I have to settle with doing the best I can; I have to accept that. That is all I or anyone can do!


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