In to Eat

I wouldn’t call myself the best cook ever, but I do like my cooking. I have an amazing source literally at my fingetips for recipes – the internet. I have been cooking for several years now so am much less intimidated by cooking my own meals.

I know the tempting lure of going out to eat: the convenience, the glamour, the high expectations…and the disappointment. I have been disappointed by going out to eat more often then I have been pleased. I would much rather suffer through the so called inconvenience of preparing my own food to enjoy a meal. Tasty food is enjoyable to me. Being able to make food just how I want it is enjoyable to me. Eating so-so or bad tasting food all for convenience’s (laziness’s?) sake is not enjoyable to me. Of course there will be times where grabbing something convenient is needed, such as grabbing something from the gas station. And I do want to be thankful for any calories I can consume. But going out to eat costs too much to be doing too often, especially since the experiences haven’t been so great.


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