A Favorite Place

One of my favorite places to be was my Mamaw’s house. She and my Papaw lived down a dirt road away from a lot of people. They had a tiny house on a big piece of land. When my mom and aunt were living there, it was a farm. They grew their own food and slaughtered their own meat; they milked their own cow. Something that blew my mind was when my mom told me that they only really ate fruit around Christmas when they would get a basket of it from her dad’s work.

I crave the prace that comes from being out surrounded by nature instead of people. I don’t want to despise people and stay away from them. I am really just craving peace and quiet right now. I get easily overwhelmed. I tend to stay at home because I don’t want to get out in all the people.

I am working on slowing down. I have developed a bad habit of rushing through things which makes me easily annoyed. Slowing down means I am calming down, though this week has been tough when it has come to being kind to others. :/


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