You Only Live Forever

Have you ever done anything really stupid and you weren’t even meaning to? I had one of those experiences today, unfortunately.

Let me preface this story with this: being a Christian, I believe that sharing the gospel is a huge part of what I do in life. But I have been severely lacking in doing so. I am not a people person. I like people, just not in a way that makes me strike up conversations with strangers all the time. Yet, there are times when people come to you.

I was in my vehicle leaving a store when I realized a man was at my window. I figured this guy would be asking for money. I wasn’t wrong. He told me that he had found out his girlfriend/wife was cheating on him and wanted money for a beer to drink in his truck. It took him some effort to tell me this, so I don’t know if he was making it up or not. During the time he was trying to figure out what to say, I was wondering if he was going to try to attack me or something.

Then I became another person. At least that is what it seemed like. I had money in my pocket and gave him $5 for a beer. I told him not to drink and drive and if he did it was on his conscience. He thanked me and left. I drove away thinking that was one of the stupidest things I have ever done. I had tracts with me that I could have gave him along with the $5.

Thinking about why I did what I did, I think I felt a little scared for my safety and wanted to avoid feeling guilty if I didn’t give him money. (When people ask for money, I usually feel like I should give it.) But now I feel awful for potentially putting a buzzed driver behind the wheel who has been encouraged to seek solace in beer. Who knows what he was trying to do.

I never want to do anything like that again. I have made up my mind to not give people money anymore. I am going to keep tracts on hand for when this kind of thing happens again.

I know it can sound goodie-goodie to talk about sharing the gospel and handing out tracts. But I actually do believe the gospel, that Jesus is the way to a right relationship with God, and a right relationship with God is how to live fully. I believe we all live forever and all currently have some sort of relationship with God. You are either saved from his wrath or not. I am not here to force anyone to believe – but to share.


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