A Letter to Me

[Not necessarily a younger me. I hope you benefit.]

Dear Tiffany, I am glad that you are finally starting to learn some things and put them into practice. You are trusting more in God, you are thinking for yourself, you are loosening up, and you are pushing yourself enough to continuously grow. You are doing well not to get caught up in the ocean of criticism that especially exists on the internet.

I want you to be more confident in yourself around people. People aren’t going to like you for one reason or another anyway, so be you.

Don’t stay discouraged about what you can’t do. Be encouraged by what you can. Focus on that. You were made to do things!

Don’t be afraid to show people you love them. This will make them wonder and make them uncomfortable, but that’s okay. 🙂

And speaking of discomfort, it is a good thing. Growth comes from discomfort, and growth aides happiness. Things won’t be crappy forever.

You are allowed to be happy. You know that means being happy in God. You know that means fully enjoying good things like food, music, movement, your marriage, the sun, birds, cats, reading, etc.

I am glad that you are fighting. You are pushing yourself not to give up to apathy when things are tough.

Carry onward.


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