Two different times today, at least that I can pinpoint, I thought the same thought. I thought that with the people we like we are more willing to believe what they believe and like what/who they like. We are willing to think the best about them and give them the benefit of the doubt when they do something that we originally would disagree with. We are even willing to change what we like!

This is why I am always trying to see things from others’ point of view. I don’t want to put myself in a bubble, with boundaries being determined by those I like and what they like. People are complex and need more than just a passing judgment.

Our perspective determines how we relate to others and how we approach their beliefs and forms our opinions about different things. If someone we like is critical about something, we are prone to be critical about the same thing. Of course, we can be in control of our perspectives on things and keeping an open mind. (And I hope when you read “open mind” that you know I don’t mean agreeing with everything but being willing to listen and try and see things how others see them.) This is how one can be more caring and patient with people.


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