Body Image

Living in the American culture, I am exposed to messages of reshaping my female body to look a certain way, be it skinny, muscular and lean, or curvy. There does seem to be an ideal body type of a flat stomach with a hint of abs, a rounded butt, ample chest, and not-too-big thighs. I desire to look like that, but only because that is what the culture says looks good. If my exact shape of my body was ideal than I would want to look the way I already look.

I don’t really think it is bad that our culture defines the outward beauty of a woman to look a certain way. I do think it is bad that a lot of emphasis is placed upon it. Yeah, you here the “Love your body” and “Embrace your uniqueness” messages, but I feel there is an assumption that the ideal body should be the goal.

I don’t think it is wrong to exercise and eat healthier, which will change the shape of your body. But it might not look exactly like someone else’s. We should take good enough care of ourselves but still be able to live a life of loving others and working hard and learning. People will have different priorities which will effect how their bodies look.

A life spent obsessed in how you look is a wasted life.


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