Manual SRS Flashcards

A few years ago I was studying Biblical Greek. I also came across a Scripture memory system on Pinterest developed by Charlotte Mason. I thought that I could hack it to learn Greek vocabulary. I have recently started making my box for Japanese vocabulary. I would check out the previous link so you will know more of what I’m talking about! 🙂

Yes, making your own flashcards can be tedious. But I really think it is helpful to do tedious work like this because it forces you to slow down and think about the details. I have made a bunch of flashcards already, so even though I know I want to add more vocabulary, I can go ahead and implement this system.

I like to take regular 3 x 5 index cards and cut them in half.


I found a box at Office Depot that seems like it was made for index cards cut in half, but really it is a multi-purpose box. It was fairly cheap. Any container will do, as long as it is easy to use. You want to remove any unecessary obstacles that would keep you from studying.


I use the halved index cards to make the dividers.


I go through whatever vocabulary cards I made and see if I already know any of them. These cards go in the very back. Then I take a chunk and these will be my daily ones. I review these each day until I know them. After a week I go through these once and move them back. Then I grab another chunk and repeat. Once you get going, you can move the cards around however. You may decide to move some back up or move some to different days. But eventually the cards will all move to the back. After a while you can start all over again with a new set. If you are making vocabulary words for a different language, you should be using the vocabulary at least in reading so that will work as a review of sorts. But you can also use this system to learn anything you can make flashcards on!

There are computer and phone apps that do this, but I like doing some things apart from computer technology. I like that I can use learning vocabulary as a break from the phone and computer.


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