I Think I’m Learning Japanese


I want to share with you a review of a Japanese learning book I have found very helpful. The title is Japanese the Manga Way and it is by Wayne P. Lammers. It is not a course-type book, like those that have exercises and vocabulary lists. But it is great at explaining grammer/sentence structure. This is something I need. I want to understand how the language works. I have read where some people say to read and read and you will pick up the grammer. I get that, because I think that is how I have aquired English grammer. (Have you ever heard something and knew it just didn’t sound right? That’s aquiring grammer without necessarily being able to explain it.)


That is what a typical page looks like. As you can tell from the title, the book takes examples from different manga. A box is usually put around the word or phrase that is being described by the text.


That is a page showing an example of certain topics that go into more depth then in the rest of the book.


There are charts throughout the book that sum up the things taught in the chapter.


Here are the chapters.

Overall, I highly recommend this book to anyone learning Japanese. It shouldn’t be the only book you use, but I don’t think using just one book is the best idea.

You can buy it off of Amazon; that’s what I did.

(Bear with me on the quality of the pictures, please!)


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