I have been feeling pretty tired lately. I think it is from pollen. I don’t have any congestion, but I do sneeze. And the kind of tired I feel is a “heavy” sort of feeling. I’m not really sure about how to get more energy. I don’t want it to keep me down, so I am pushing myself to move and do things. Rest is important, too, so I am trying to do that.

I could have conjestion in my ears, though. (Is that a thing?) My ears don’t drain well. I learned about massaging your lymph nodes to help them drain. There are different lymph nodes around the neck and these are the ones I focus on. I start where the pulse would be taken under the ears and use gentle pressure to slide my fingers down my neck and end with a push on the hollows above my collar bones. I use coconut oil to help. After several times I go to the back of my neck. I use a downward motion along the muscles. This seems to help with pressure in the ears and even when I have slight ear pain.

This link is the post I read that got me thinking about my ears this way. There are also different ways to massage the lymph nodes, so this is just how I do it.


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