Today was a great day even though I didn’t do what I had planned. I was able to open up the windows and enjoy the sunny, breezy, not-to-hot weather. I was feeling disappointed in the day at first, but the weather was so enjoyable I didn’t want to waste it feeling disappointed!

Life is hard very often. That’s okay. Just because something is hard doesn’t mean you should give up and it is not a sign that you should stop, either. Growth comes when we go through hard times. Rewards are gained through difficulty. It can be hard to be positive and fight for contentment. But it is not hard the whole time! And then you gain contentment! Learning a new language has many difficult moments. But enduring through the onslaught of new words and grammatical concepts comes understanding! Eating healthier and exercising can seem like torture. But taking the first few steps leads toward a new way to live and increased ease of making healthy decisions.

Some of the difficulty can be eased by making small changes. And like you may have already heard, the first step is the hardest. You have to let yourself get used to things. When something is hard, like making a decision to eat healthier, you have to let yourself get used to the different tastes and feeling of discomfort of not consuming exactly what you want to consume at that moment. Then you will get used it after a while.

Going through difficult times are worth it.


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