I put off writing a blog post too long yesterday, so I never did it. I thought of it as I was getting ready for bed and thought, “I’ll take a picture of one of my kitties and post it.” Then I forgot.

My husband and I are planning on going to a pre-showing of the new Avengers movie tonight. It’s a perk of having the credit card I have. So I better go ahead and write a post so I won’t skip two days.

Anyways, let’s talk about change. I think I have gotten in the habit on waiting around for something to happen to invoke change in my life. I know there are some things I can’t control. But there is still a lot I can. I know I need change in my life, but I’m going to have to take some action. If I want to have a career in something, I need to research proactively and make a decision. Failure is something I am not exactly aiming for, but I believe the path to success is paved with failure. I am afraid of wasting money going to school for a career and it not be something I like. I rack my brain to try and decide on a career path and I don’t seem to like anything enough to stand out. I am not sure how to go about trying different things to see if I enjoy it enough to pursue a career.

I read some advice about choosing a career and the writer said, Choose what sucks less. I try and keep that in mind. But eventually a decision will be made to either pursue a certain career or not and have things remain the same.


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