O Cha Matcha

Even though that title sounds a bit Italian, it is actually referring to the Japanese powdered green tea, matcha. If you have never had matcha or even green tea before, or tried it but didn’t care too much for it, buy some matcha flavored treats. It will help you pick up that wonderful taste that’s in green tea.

Matcha Latte

Matcha is powdered green tea leaves. Combined with just hot water it is pretty bitter. But used in combination with sweetener and milk, it tastes wonderful as a latte. A matcha latte has been something I have been having frequently. It is such a welcome, fresh taste. Something different than coffee, which I do love, but can be too heavy at times.

Matcha is expensive, but worth the price. I probably won’t be buying it often, but I might make it work in the budget. I really do encourage you to try anything matcha!


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