Fun in the Sun

Today my husband and I took a much needed break and hung out in the sun at a boat ramp. I’m glad I took my umbrella with me because the sun would have burned me, even with sunscreen on.

Here is an interesting fact about me. I can’t wear sunscreen with avobenzone in it. It turns my skin orange, kind of like I put on self tanner. So I go for baby or kids’ sunscreen.

I’m going to work on thinking more positively and filling my life with worthy things. I want my input to be positive, too. There are some things I can’t control and I have to let those go. I can control myself. There are still decisions that I can make to change my life.

There is ideal and there is reality. I can strive for ideals but I can accept that things come up and make things take longer and make things more difficult. I don’t want mourn over the difficulty of my life.


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