30 the New 20

It seems that I am in a point in my life that I should have been 10 years ago. I am 27 years old and have just now started to really think about a career path, how to get there, what’s practical, what I like, if I have any skills, etc. I should have been thinking about this at 16 and 17. I had a unique financial situation at that age where I didn’t have to get a job or think about student loans. I guess I thought everything would just come to me. And, you know, things did there for a while.

But now I feel as if I am left out in the elements. Confused and not knowing what decisions to make, I decide not to make any. There are many different ways to go. What if I get stuck in a place that further makes me miserable?

I think about what I like and what possible careers I could pursue. I don’t know of any skills I have that could be of use to anyone. I need opportunities to develope and discover my skills. How would I go about doing that?

I believe my maturation as an adult was delayed because I didn’t have to make tough decisions until now. I don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing. I observe previous generations and they have a much better work ethic. They did what they had to do and worked hard and wasn’t bothered if they liked it or not. I want to be like this.


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