Yoga Pants

I see some things on the internet about the guilty pleasure associated with yoga pants. They are comfortable but women that respect themselves shouldn’t wear them. Okay, I don’t have actual yoga pants, but I do have sweatpants/jogging pants. And those things are comfy. Finding a comfortable pair of jeans is a bit trickier than finding a pair of comfy lounge pants.

Why does fashion have to be so complicated? Why are certain standards in place? It seems that people way back in the day could wear the equivalent of bedsheets tied around them and they were comfortable and respectable people at the same time.

I do hold to some standards with clothing. I try not to be stinky or dirty and I cover up what I think needs to be covered up. I have a certain style that I like to wear. But I do think people can look nice in yoga pants. (I’m not even sure what qualifies as yoga pants. Is it only the actual pants that you wear to do yoga in? Could leggings be considered the same as yoga pants?)

[I just went and did a Google search of “yoga pants.” Yeah, I’d wear the loose fitting ones!]

I like fashion. I think people can make their own rules about it, though.


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