I am pretty tired today. I have been feeling more tired these past few days, probably due to the recent trip, working extra, and maybe too much caffeine (because it could be messing up my sleep). It is hard for me to get up and do things. Not only am I physically exhausted but I am mentally exhausted.

Rest is important. In this busy culture I live in, rest isn’t respected. I do want to rest, but I also think I struggle with being lazy. It is easy to feel tired and lay around, which can often times for me keep me feeling tired. When I get up and move, even lightly, I feel more energized.

I do allow myself to mentally rest. Light reading and watching funny shows helps my mind relax. Sitting still outside or looking out the window or laying and letting my mind wander help me as well.

Exhaustion proves to us that we can’t handle it all. We have to choose to let go of things. We have to think about our priorities. We have to ask for help! I believe people are meant to live in a community, even people who are introverted. Our strengths and weaknesses balance each other out.

Honestly, this post seems kind of boring. This was what was on my mind.


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