I missed a couple of days of blogging. The funeral activities took up a lot of time. I was pretty tired, but still glad I went. I am glad I got to see family.

There is a number of days allotted to each one of us, and we don’t know that number. The days and years always go by faster than we ever expected. Remember when you were a child and time seemed to move slower? Looking back, though, it flew by! Being an adult I realize that time is moving fast. It is overwhelming and causes me anxiety. I don’t want to spend my time being anxious, so I am trying to just enjoy whatever I can enjoy at each moment.

I believe by faith that God exists. I believe the Good News of Jesus Christ. So I believe that everything is God’s anyway. I can’t hold on to anything. I have to have my hands open and let God place whatever he wants to place in my hand and take away whatever he wants to take away. I am deeply sad about what he has taken away from me. He is supposed to be my ultimate joy, so I know he is teaching me how to have him as my source of happiness. It definitely has been extremely hard.


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